Five Short Term Health Insurance Trends*

61% of short term health plan buyers just need a temporary coverage solution

27% buy short term medical plans because of their affordability

51% of short term health plan buyers say they would be uninsured if not for the availability of short term medical

In 2017, the average short term premium was $79 a month for a 30-year old.

Comparing deductibles of 2017 short term health plans, the average deductible was $3,434 — $2,658 less than the average deductible for a bronze plan ($6,092)

The monthly cost of health insurance plans for individuals and medical deductibles are rising every year, leaving millions without an affordable health insurance option. Short term medical plans can cost up to 50% less than Obamacare plans, and offer many of the same benefits. With a short term plan, you have a low cost health insurance option that can be purchased for 90-days or, for extended coverage, four back-to-back 90-day policies, depending on your state of residence, providing you the financial protection you need should an unexpected medical emergency occur.

Short Term Health Insurance Can Save You Money and Provide You More Choice
Health insurance is expensive with the monthly cost and medical deductibles increasing each year.

Many people find marketplace Obamacare insurance too expensive to afford. Short term medical plans generally cost significantly less than Obamacare.

In addition, many marketplace and off-marketplace major medical insurance plans have narrow medical networks, meaning you have fewer choices of doctors and facilities to use. When you need medical care, most people want the freedom to choose where they receive care. A short term health insurance plan can offer you that freedom.

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* Trend data

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